Dry Needling – No Longer Available

Dry needling is a specific clinical technique for pain and movement dysfunction. It is used by Physicians, Chiropractors, and Physical Therapists. It is within the scope of Physical Therapy and is NOT accupuncture. Though, from a layman’s perspective it may resemble accupunture. Clinically it has been used to treat a specific area or broader (systematically) such as vascular responses, autonomic, endocrine, or behavioral. Locally it has been used to assist in treatment of: inflammation, sensitize nerve tissue, scar tissue formation, deficiency of blood/lymph circulation, tigger points.


How is it performed? A clinician will insert a hypodermic needle (similar to accupunture needle) to one or more sites. The needle may remain static, twist, or be thrusted in and out of the area. Electrical stimulation may also be utilized at the therapist’s discretion.

Success is varied and often best suited as an adjunct to other therapeutic treatments.

Dry needling can be done as part of your therapy treatment or on a private pay system.

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