Community Fitness

Step Above: A community gym program for the public to utilize the fitness and exercise equipment at a daily or monthly rate. The program is designed to promote healthy lifestyles in Northern Michigan as well as assisting their clients in follow through of their treatments.

Personal Training: 1:1 personal training and sports enhancement tailored to the individual or team. Please call us for specific details.

Group Programs: Offered to the community throughout the year. Punch cards are available to allow participants flexibility in choosing which exercise classes they want to attend each week as well as opportunity to make up missed classes. Participants can choose to buy an unlimited monthly pass to participate in all classes with unlimited visits or an 8 visit punch card which allows 8 total visits to any of the classes.

  • Senior Class (Silver Sneakers): a low-level impact class using weights, bands, and bodyweight for toning. Participants will be engaged in sitting and standing exercises.  Taught by Mollie.
    • Silver Sneakers: Available to members of participating Medicare health plans at no additional cost to you. Become active and stay healthy. Visit: to find out more about this program.-Muscular Strength & Range of Motion (MSROM) (a Silver Sneakers Class)
  • Core Flow Yoga: A 1 hour flowing, vinyasa-type yoga class. One pose will transition into the next, focusing on connecting to your breath and body through movement. Vinyasa yoga helps build long, lean muscles, and improves balance while burning calories. Please bring your own mat and props if available.  Taught by Mollie.
  • BUTI Yoga:  Buti Yoga is a powerful blend of tribal dance, primal movements, plyometrics, deep core strengthening and vinyasa-style yoga. The Spiral Structure Technique, or SST, is Buti’s signature strengthening approach that activates all parts of the abdominal muscle groups: inner and outer, top to bottom, front to back, and side to side. Through SST, we activate and strengthen every part of the core.  Buti also utilizes HIIT (high intensity interval training) to burn major calories in a short amount of time.  Classes will be set to an upbeat, movement-inspiring playlist.  Taught by Mollie.
  • Chair yoga: An excellent class for individuals lacking the ability/mobility to get up and down from the floor.  Although this class is a great option for beginner yogis looking to gain confidence, people of all ages, sizes and ability levels can benefit from chair yoga.  The focus will be on connecting breath with movement to aide in relaxation, provide stress relief and gain flexibility, all while benefiting from the support of a chair.  If you can breathe, you can do yoga!  Taught by Mollie.
  • Gentle Yoga: 1 hour. A relaxing class, focusing on stretching, breathing, gentle flowing yoga poses and connecting to your core. The instructor will be offering many modifications so yoga can be practiced by anybody, at any level. Please bring your own mat and props if available.  Taught by Mollie.
  • Spin: 50 minutes of indoor cycling. The instructor guides you through workout phases. Warm-up, steady uptempo cadences, sprints, climbs, jumps and cool down. You control resistance on your bike to make pedaling as easy or challenging as you choose. Limited to 9 members max.  Must pre-register.  Taught by Mike.
  • Body Work: if you work your body, it will work for you: Class starts with a warmup focused on mobility and injury prevention. Throughout the class, you will learn weight lifting movements with a concentration on good technique. Each class also includes metabolic conditioning designed to effectively and properly work your body.  Taught by Mollie.
  • Circuit:  Work through stations with exercises that integrate balance, stability, strength and function.  Improve your strength and get your heart pumping.  Class is always different to challenge your body and your mind. Taught by Jennifer.

Times and dates are subject to change based on class size, season, and instructor availability. Please contact our office at 231-238-2302 to confirm the availability and times of select classes.